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Stone Nullah Lane


I just came back from Wan Chai and to my surprise I found a lane called Stone Nullah Lane on Johnston Road. I was very surprised to see that name. I though THE STONE NULLAH LANE is situated where the Blue House is located on Queens Road East ?

Any clarifications are highly appreciated, Thank you very much and kind regards,  Daniel


Hi There,

It is always there since Johnston Road was the water front.  The lane used to connect to Queen's Road East next to the old Wanchai Market.  The new block (The Zenith) had obscured its original course thus you won't be able to walk along the way, but it roughly goes through the current version of the Wanchai Market end to end from Cross street to QRE.

You might like to call up an older Wanchai Map sometime between 1950 through 1970 for it.


Thank you very much for your kind information. Have a great day and best regards,  Daniel

Thank you T for your valuable information earlier. I have searched for maps, which would show the whole Stone Nullah lane extending until Johnston Road (as you have mentioned in your reply). Unfortunately I had a bit difficulties to find a kind of map. Could you provide such a map ? Thanks.

Moreover, if the Stone Nullah Lane extended until Johnston Road, then the Nullah would have crossed Queens Road East ? Then there must have been a bridge built over the Nullah on Queens Road East ?. My apologies for so many questions. Looking forward to your valuable reply T.

Thanks and best regards,  Daniel 

Hi There,

There is actually a Wiki Entry for this.  No maps though.  If you use the search of this site and look up "Stone Nullah Lane" with the quotes, you should be able to find information submitted by other readers.  There is a postcard with a photo of the upper end of the Nullah there too.


Try the maps here  The open nullah only extended northwards up to the junction of Queen's Road East.

Thanks a lot T for the information.

Have a great weekend

Thanks a lot for the information

Have a great weekend

More information in the new street entry Stone Nullah Lane [c.1850- ].