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Secret Valley between Tai Hang and Quarry (Eod Depot)

As an avid hiker I stumbled on a trail that leads from Mount Butler Road down to the valley creek which runs in a South Western direction from Tiger Balm to the quarry by Jardine's lookout. 

There's a myriad of terraces, relicts, overgrown trails, stairs, which seem to have not been visited for decades. Even the trails from Various map sources were

very hard to find if not existing anymore. We def ended crashing through the undergrowth to reach the creek which wasnt without danger. 

The creek itself is a succession of several large manmade dams which seem very unique on HK island. 

Now does anybody posess photos of the area when it was still inhabited? shows:

1975 Several trails around Tiger Balm and up the valley on both sides.

1957 only one trail on the Western Side of the creek.

1952.1 two trails on Western side

1949 Several trails

1945 Several trails

1928 A trail crossing over the valley (where the remaining bridge fundaments can be found nowadays)

1913.1 A rifle range across the Valley!

Any photos or information from people that know the area would be appreciated.