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St. Andrew's / Inverugie - 1890s [????-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists

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I was wondering about the name of this house, when I found this comment in the Public Works Report 1914;

Cutting a trace for a path from Peak Road above “Inverugie” (IL 1146) crossing the peak tramway at bridge 6 and extending to the path connecting Barker Rd with May Rd. ascertain the feasability of constructing a path a proposed new station on the peak tramway.

(I read this as joining with Chatham Path above May Road, and there is a footpath marked on the 1964 map that crosses the tramway behind Branksome Towers, but I don't know where bridge 6 is)


and 1915

Peak Tram Stop at May Road completed


and 1918

....path from May Road Station to Tregunter Mansions. The path is 6' wide, it has a rising grade of 1 in 7 to 1 in 10 for a distance of 800 ft, the remainder beiing level join the Peak Road behind “Inverugie”. The total length is 0.48 mile.

(that's clearly "Tregunter Path")


NB: There is a house called “Inverdruie” on Chatham Path, which isn't on the Old Peak Road, and I think I read about a house called St Andrews on Plantation or Barker Road, but I can't find it at the moment.

Does anyone have any more information?

An 1897 map (UK National Archive ref: MPHH 1-412) shows the house on the inside of the hairpin bend is named "St Andrew's", at 16, Peak Road. The government map website shows that the site is still IL 1146 today.

Looking in the Jurors Lists we also find St. Andrews mentioned:

  • Every year's list for 1894 to 1899 show Mr George William Forbes Playfair, Manager of National Bank of China Ltd, living at St. Andrews on Peak Road.
  • But lists for 1900 to 1905 show him at St. Andrews on Barker Road. (There's no mention of St Andrews in the 1906 list, but in 1907 it's back again, as the address of Joseph Sheffield Vanburen.)

So I think this house was initially called St. Andrews. Then when Playfair moved up to Barker Road he took the house name with him (we've seen this happen in other cases), and the house on Peak Road was renamed Inverugie.

I'll update the name of the Place.

Regards, David

PS Annelise noted that Altadena was previously called St Andrews, so that's where it was on Barker Road. See:

Under construction in 1889. Building works here (the diversion of drains on lots 1146 & 1147) caused serious flooding in the city below

source (No 25)