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Victoria Hotel, DVRC [????-c.1895]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place demolished: 
c.1895-12-31 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

This building stood on the south side of Des Voeux Road Central, from Li Yuen Street West across to Pottinger Street. I'm not sure how far south towards Queen's Road the building extended.

When it was built it stood on the seafront, so it is easily seen on photos taken from the harbour.

Its construction date isn't known yet, but when it collapsed in 1895 (see below), it was described as "one of the oldest in the Colony".

By 1884 it was occupied by the Victoria Hotel, and the hotel continued in operation there until late 1894.

On 30 May 1895 the building's roof collapsed, killing three people who were in the building at the time. The roof beams were found to be eaten through by termites. The collapse was reported on p.2 of The Hong Kong Telegraph, 1895-05-30, with this information about the building:

The house in question is one of the oldest in the Colony, and the owner is a Chinaman, who is up-country, while the mortgagees are, it is alleged, Messrs, Sassoon, Sons & Co., and Mr. C. P, Chater. When the premises were given up about six months ago by Messrs. Madar and Farmer, the lessees a of what is known as the New Victoria Hotel, it was understood that it was no longer fit for human habitation and would be promptly replaced by a block of substantial semi-European houses.

Plans were, we hear, submitted by the Public Works Department recently for the removal and reconstruction of one of the walls of the house, but nothing was done.

I've assumed the ruined building was completely demolished and the site cleared by the end of the year.


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