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Path between Robinson Road and Conduit Road

I wonder if anyone would remember a walking path between Robinson Road and Conduit Road. From Conduit Road, one would keep walking down this path with concrete steps, all the way to Robinson Road not far from the Catholic schools mentioned so many times by Gwulo authors.

Likewise, to reach Conduit Road, or at least the back of one apartment building on Conduit, one would also walk up this path. This particular apartment building had two suites each floor, but divided into many households, especially the lower floors. The parking lot often had Volkswagen Beetles possibly because of Germans living there while on assignment.

Midway, on the right side as one walked up from Robinson to Conduit, there was an old, large apartment building with many households. This building enjoyed a front yard overlooking Robinson Road and buildings in that direction.

On the left side, if one were walking up again to Conduit, one would see apartment buildings on the other side. I don't remember the street name but these buildings would be separated from the walking path by just a low concrete wall.

This is an incredible memory I have held since childhood, but I haven't been back and certainly don't have any photos.

Any help in the form of memories, maps, photos, and names of places would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.


There are some good maps of that area at eg the "Map 1950".

Thank you, David.

I will keep looking for relevant archives, including maps from that period.



I'm wondering if you are referring to the walking path outside 105 Robinson Road? If you are on Robinson Road, you go up a driveway leading to 105 Robinson Road. As you go up the semi-circular driveway, there was a low-story (possibly 2-3 levels) apartment building on the right side, but that has been replaced with a high-rise now. If you keep going up,the path would be directly in front of 105 Robinson Road, also known as Jade Garden. I believe it still exists. This might be the apartment with the low concrete wall you mentioned. As you walk up the pedestrian only path, there is a small gate with stairs on the left side that leads you to Woodland Gardens (I think 62 Conduit Road). If you keep walking up the path, it's the concrete steps you mentioned, with a storm drain on the right side.  You exit the path next to the circular driveway to Woodland Gardens. Is this the path?

If this is the path, check google map street view for 105 Robinson Road. That driveway is still there unchanged.

I lived in Conduit Road in the late 70s and remember walking down the path to Robinson Rd and also onwards to Central. I believe the location is where the Mid-Levels escslator now reaches Conduit Rd. There was (is?) also another set of steps closer to Castle Rd.

Thank you, Jeremy.

I am very happy to hear about this. It may be very close to where I lived long, long ago.

It makes sense that there is now a Mid-levels escalator right where the walking path was.

But Castle Road? I am not sure if I remember that. Could that be further uphill if I checked the map?

Still, I deeply appreciate this information. Thanks again.


Thank you so much, lc, for such vivid descriptions, with focuses on 105 Robinson Road and 62 Conduit Road.

If I remembered a driveway as opposed to a walkway, could that driveway have taken one up a small hill to what you have identified as Jade Gardens where there were nice apartments?

What you have mentioned may indeed, be what I remember, but perhaps my parents wouldn't have allowed me to explore very far, and I can't remember how large the storm drain would have been, or how much foliage there was around it.

But I do remember a fair bit of foliage on Conduit Road near our building. If the address was indeed 62 Conduit Road or near it, I cold check it out on the map.

I am very grateful to your notes and will check out each part. Thanks again.


"If I remembered a driveway as opposed to a walkway, could that driveway have taken one up a small hill to what you have identified as Jade Gardens where there were nice apartments?"

Yes! So the driveway starts up from Robinson Road, it's about a half-circle uphill and ends at the entrance to Jade Garden. Right outside the entrance, if you make a sharp hair-pin turn to the right, that's the pedestrian-only path (it's a rather steep hill) that takes you to Conduit Road, next to 62 Conduit Road. The part with the steps near Conduit Road was always covered with thick foliage.

If you lived on 62 Conduit Road, to get there with a car, you have to use the circular bridge-like driveway connected to Conduit Road to get to the complex. Anyway, I hope this is what you are looking for.

Thank you so much, lc!

What you have described is the closest ever. I am hoping to find photos and better maps of all the places you have mentioned.

There are three things I need to consider:

1. I honestly don't remember the street address of my apartment building on Conduit;

2. I was probably a bit small to take in and remember everything in my surroundings; and

3. My family didn't have a car, and that we walked almost everywhere, even down to the piers from Conduit.

However, at that time, in my childish mind, I probably thought the waterfront was south and Conduit Road was north. Why? Probably because it was all uphill from Queen's Road as if one was going north.

The South China Sea, for instance, would be south behind all the hilly areas at the sandy bays.

Thank you again for all your inspiring help.

I have lived in or near Conduit Road for most of the last 40 years. There are I believe 4 routes for walking between Conduit and Robinson Roads. They are from east to west:

1) the steps adjacent to the escalator, which would have been adjusted during its construction which opened in 1992,

2) the steps/paths either side of Valiant Park, 52 Conduit Road, which meet behind the building and run down steps to Robinson Road between Robinson Mansion and Robinson Crest,

3) the 105 steps next to the top end of Castle Road,

4) the steps/path/road whch starts between Imperial Court, 62G Conduit Road, and Woodland Gardens. 62A-F Conduit Road,


Thank you, Ian.

Your notes are wonderful as four different pedestrian routes are described.

I am inclined toward 52 Conduit Road, and will search for more information about this location.

Over 40 years, you must have seen a lot of development and change on both Robinson Road and Conduit Road.

I am very grateful to your detailed notes. Thanks again.