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Request for 1962 TV / radio archive

I am a Hong Kong-based TV producer working on behalf of the British ITV series Long Lost Families. We are currently producing an episode about a Chinese woman who was abandoned as a baby in a shop doorway in Kowloon in 1960. After spending 2 years in various children’s homes she was then adopted by a British family. She was flown together with other adopted ‘HK Foundlings' to the UK in December 1962, where she has now spent the last 60 years. We are trying to help her trace her family background and I am helping the UK-based production team. 
We are keen to source any radio or TV footage relating to the adopted babies' journey to the UK in December 1962. Their BOAC flight departed on December 19th / 20th 1962. If you have such archive footage or have any suggestions of where to obtain archive footage from that date please let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Mark Roberts

Hi there,

At that time of the century, broadcasting organizally already esablished locally are Redifusion, Commercial Radio and Radio Hong Kong (precurer of Ratio Television Hong Kong).

Commercial Radio & RTHK still stands today, but Redifusion closed their broadcasting section in the 1970's and sold their TV section to a consortium in 1981 and then sold to the Chiu's in 1982 and renamed to Asia TV.  ATV just recently folded or restructured and no longer hold a broadcasting license.

Unable to know if these organizations retailed archives for over half a century.



Thank you tgan. I will get in touch with those organisations.


Maybe also ask the Hong Kong Film Archive if they can suggest any sources:

Hi Mark, As someone who adopted in Hong Kong in 1973, I might be able to help with the tracing of the family background. All chilren back then had to first be made wards of the Social Welfare department, and only then became available for adoption. Therefore, there might be records of the circumstances of the young girl's abandonment and subsequent stays in the children's homes. It might be difficult for you to gather this information, but the lady herself and/or the adoptive parents might have better success. Despite the bureaucracy, the Social Welfare staff are very helpful. Good luck!

Thank you for your help mukuk8!

Perhaps we can have a private chat via email. Please drop me a line on