43 Wong Nei-Chong Road [????-????]

Submitted by jill on Fri, 02/14/2020 - 21:37
Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists

This is the address listed for Mrs C.A. Warnes from 1908 in the Ladies Directory and therefore the second family home of Charles and Elizabeth Warnes after Charles left the HK & Kowloon Wharf & Godown Co. Ltd. and joined Lane Crawford. No other person in the Ladies Directory other than Elizabeth has a Wong Nei-Chong Road address in 1908. Elizabeth was second daughter of my great-grandfather John Olson who described himself as "Farm Keeper" on the birth certificates of his first son and my grandmother, Hannah Warren in 1879 and 1880. My grandfather, Charles Warren, began to apply to buy government land in the Wong Nei-Chong area soon after 1908, although not all were successful. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility, in my view, that his father-in-law already owned a farm lot or two in Wong Nei-Chong.

I'm afraid I can't work out how to place a marker accurately. Sorry! I'm using the spelling from the 1908 Ladies Directory for the Wong Nei-Chong Road.