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02 Apr 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Fri, 2 Apr 1943

Adored.  Another month started and still nothing even approaching definiteness. You are never out of my thoughts but I can't write much. I think they'll get us out of here but when D.O.K. - I make a joke that I'll dance with you on our Silver Wedding - and have promised Dora to crack a bottle in the Caley Restaurant! - but we are all weary of waiting. Chow is still shocking - mere starvation diet - we got our last of the Red Cross stuff yesterday - 4 tins of bully each and 1/2 a small 8oz tin. - 2lbs sugar - we still have about 5 lbs of sugar each to come but nothing else. Fisher and I have 6 tins put away and have a private supply of 9 tins but that won't last long. I am buying eggs and fruit when I can.
They seem to be clearing up North Africa now - perhaps they will soon get going now. It will be a long business yet however.

I was wakened very early yesterday morning 5.15am - 8.15pm on 31/3 with you. I didn't sleep again and lay thinking of you. I wonder if you felt it!

I've had two injections of Heparmone and feel a bit better and got another today. My tongue and mouth are still very sore. I sent a p.c. to Bertie yesterday - we are now allowed to send special pcs to P. of W. - formerly only relatives could write.  He's all right now - they grafted skin on to his chest and for a while it was so tight he couldn't lift his arms but that has come right in the end.  I think they are being better fed than we are. 

Well I'll close again for a little.  All my love.    B.