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22 Mar 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Mon, 22 Mar 1943

It is 9a.m. with you now but I was only thinking of our laddie - I can't call him "wee" now. It was 3.30 with us - 6.30am with you - and I have been thinking of him all evening. - wondering what he is doing. I am not very keen on this Navy idea as a career - influence plays such a part - and many a man is axed as a Lieut. Com. at 45 or so - no money, perhaps a wife and kids, a meagre pension and what is he to do at that age? And there is always such a lot of separation. However it won't be too late to consider it all again after the war.

No more news here. Rosie Spry looked in and it is now nearly 9p.m. - noon with you. She looks very old now. - I think we all do. - Hammie and Whyte-Smith are old old men now. I'll shut up now and read a little. I have just had "The Son of Man" by Emil Ludwig - very interesting but I didn't care for it very much.    

Goodnight  L.O.  AIAW   Your  B.B.