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Gwulo's page layout messed up

James Kong reported this problem:

BTW your page is merging the left-column with second column stuff.  Using Windows, could that be the problem?

One other person reported this by email, but wasn't able to describe their computer setup.

If you see this problem, please could you leave a comment below to let me know:

  • What version of Windows are you running
  • Which browser (name and version) you use

I use Windows XP, and both Firefox v3.5.2 and Internet Explorer v8. I don't see the problem mentioned above with either of these browsers.

Regards, David


I've had this problem (blue frames all biased to the left and overlaying text)since Gwulo's move when looking at it via AOL which has been my normal internet entry point. As there was no outcry from others I assumed it to be something applicable to my computor's set-up or AOL's.

However, Batgung remains OK via AOL.

Now to see Gwulo properly I use Internet Explorer.


Everything is okay with Firefox version 3.5.3. Using Internet Explorer 6.0 is not okay. Dates of comments are not visible, and layout of articles or replies is sometimes messed up (e.g. some text not visible).

IDJ & C, thanks for the reports. I half-expected Internet Explorer 6 to be the browser having problems. Unfortunately it accounts for over 10% of visitors, so I'll have to see if there's a way to fix it. In the meantime, upgrading Internet Explorer, or installing FireFox seems to be the quick work-around.

I  have this problem.

My isp is AOL

a temporary fix if you're forced to use an old version of explorer is to go to the View button on the top bar, next to favourites, click on text size and change to medium (any of them work). this fixes the margins etc (though it reverts back to scrambled every time you open a new page)

80sKid, thanks for the tip.

Another temp fix.

Right click on page. In box go to "encoding" and left click on "left-to-right document" or "right-to-left document" as the case may be.

This morning I installed some upgrades to the web site software which are supposed to help improve web-browser compatibility.

If you use the AOL browser, or Internet Explorer 6, please can you let me know how the site looks today? Are there any improvements over the problems you experienced before?

Thanks & regards,


Hi there,

IE 6/7 on Windows XP looked better now.   The photo/text overlapping is gone, at least.


BTW, I would to report something else, which may not have anything to do with this update.  I found some 10 days ago that the photos I embedded into the passage I typed are gone.   For example take this link about the butts at the peak.

If I am in edit mode before I disable rich-text, I can see the embedded photo.  But once I save and exit, the photo did not display.  Probably some html code conflicts.

Best Regards,


Hi T,

Your photos should be showing ok now. It was a side-effect of this change - one step forward, two steps back!

I'm pleased to hear the site looks better in IE6 now. Hopefully an AOL user can let us know too.

Thanks for your help in testing,

Regards, David

I'm a happy camper.  Now I don't have to click "full screen" to get the columns to line up on my old computer.  Your fixed worked for me.   I am using IE 7.0 something.

AOl's screen layout is now back to normal.


Thanks for the replies. I'll assume this is fixed now, but let me know if you have any problems in future.

Regards, David

Hillwalker writes:

From day 1 Gwulo's layout appears all out of whack on my PC. Text boxes are off centre, maps and pictures obscure text etc etc.

I run Windows XP with a not terribly up to date version of Internet Explorer. And apart from a YouTube telling me I should upgrade my browser, I don't have these problems on any other web site.

Sorry to hear that, I thought we'd fixed these problems with the last round of updates. If you click Help / About, which version of Internet Explorer are you running?

I guess that would be equivalent of a betamax video. Probably time to upgrade. Let you know how it goes.


An upgrade is a good idea, but you can take some comfort in that around 10% of visitors to this site use IE6. I thought from the comments above we'd solved the IE6 problems, but it may be that different versions of IE6 have different problems.

And in the last month we had one visit from an IE 5.5 user, the last version of IE to support Windows 95!

Let us know if you're still having any trouble after the upgrade,

Regards, David

Just downloaded Internet Explorer version 8 (took 15 minutues altogether) and now everything is lined up perfectly.

I don't know if it's my imagination, but images also seem sharper and more defined now.

Thanks for the tip.