HMS Tamar Wreck site [1941-????]

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The marker shows the approximate location of the hulk HMS Tamar after she was scuttled on the 18th December 1941. From then until the wreck was cleared (c.1947), Tamar's three masts are visible, sticking out of the sea off Wanchai. You can see them in this photo by Hedda Morrison: find the tall chimney in the RN Dockyard, extend a line upwards til you hit Kellett Island, and the masts are just to the right of that line.

We're looking for any photos that show the masts, but especially photos taken between August 1945 and March 1946. Stephen is hoping to see a flag raised there, which would show the wreck was still being used to represent Hong Kong's "HMS Tamar" naval base. There's more about that possible flag in the comments at page, and more about the history of HMS Tamar at

Photos that show this Place



Tenders are invited for the purchase and removal of the Wreck of H.M.S.” Tamar” as it lies in APPROXIMATE POSITION 254° 3.75 Cable from Kellet Island.

Particulars of H.M.S. “Tamar”:

Gross Tonnage……4,500

Length……………….336 ft.

Breadth……………….42 “

Depth………………….27 ”

Tender Forms will be issued from Section 1A of the Naval Store Dept., H.M. Dockyard, Hong Kong, on the payment of a deposit of H.K.$500.00 from Monday to Wednesday, January 9 to 11, 1950. The deposit will be returned to unsuccessful tenderers.

Completed Tender Form should be returned by hand, not later than NOON, 13th January, 1950”

Source: The China Mail, page 4, 10th January 1950