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Pillbox Stanley

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I went on a “Shore Scramble”. This is when we choose two beaches and scramble and swim across the rocks to get there, it is really good fun but can be rather dangerous if the swell is rough.

This time we went from Turtle Cove (Red Hill) and climbed around to Stanley main beach. It was just before a typhoon so it was a bit choppy. Anyhow, halfway around and right in front of the American club we found a Pillbox. It is in pretty good shape but the inside has the usual graffiti. It had two loophole facing due East towards Tai Tam and one facing south looking towards Po Toi.

You can gain access to get inside but I only took a few photos from the outside.

There was a path that leads up towards the American club but I didn’t follow it.

Their appears to be damage to the outside of the Pillbox around one of the windows, suspiciously like mortar/grenade damage.

Stanley Pillbox
Stanley Pillbox
Stanley Pillbox
Stanley Pillbox
Stanley Pillbox
Stanley Pillbox

What was also interesting was that on the way around the rocks we came across thousands of Mussels. We see them quite regularly but this time there was far more than we normally see. They are not massive (about 5cm) but there are enough of them to keep you from going hungry if you fancied it.

Stanley Pillbox

I also took a picture of this funny looking rock…….. Childish I know but it made me laugh!

Funny Rock


Hi Craig,

I wonder if there's any stories / names attached to your rude rock, like lover's rock off Bowen Road.

This pillbox is #29. I've made a place for it and made a guess where the marker should be. Please could you edit it, and drag the marker to the right place?

Good to see you're out & about again. It's definitely the weather for it. I found another tunnel yesterday. Not much to see but I'll put that up next.

Cheers, David

I've placed the marker where should be.