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IV submarine flottilla Hong Kong

does anyone know about a medal called <the Grand Order of the Far East> given to people in Submarines of the IV Flotilla 1927-1929.......Defense of Chefoo 1927, Japanese Patrol 1927-1928, Bias Patrol 1927-1928 ??????

my GrandFather  (Capt John Buller Glencross) has this and i can find no info

Cheers Jon


I haven't heard of that medal before. Any chance you can upload a photo of it? (Here's how: https://gwulo.com/node/2076). Maybe one of the medal experts reading will be able to identify it.

I’ve not heard of it before but clearly bestowed due to military action. Think also medal bestowed from a non-Western organisation (e.g. Republic of China so might need to research a Chinese name equivalent) and civil fraternities e.g. was he member of a Masonic organisation. 

I assume you’ve got a copy of your grandfather’s service record - any clues in there where it might come from?


trying to post some pictures of the medal but not much luck

P1040107.JPG, by Jon Glencross

P1040109.JPG, by Jon Glencross

P1040108.JPG, by Jon Glencross

Many thanks


saw them years ago but no recolection

not sure where to go to get another copy of them.

Cheers Jon

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the photos

The link I posted for the National Archives has four separate documents relating to your grandfather’s naval service record. Each costs £3.50 to download a pdf format. 

Many thanks eurasian_david for that...when i get 5 minutes i will download them

cheers Jon

There is no official single entity that represents the vast area of the “Far East”. It makes me wonder if this “Grand Order” could be a self-annointed civil fraternity group. Since the wording is entirely in English with no Chinese characters I can safely assume this “Grand Order of the Far East” has nothing to do with any Oriental organisation, but more an Occidental one.

In addition with official British military medals you don’t have the name of the recipient inscribed or engraved on the obverse of the medal...it should be on the rim...if it is inscribed. So these clues suggest that maybe this medal is a bespoke production done in appreciation of a service. 

The whole "Grand Order" thing says "Freemasons" to me. Is it possible this is something to do with them?

many thans for this eurasian_david

cheers Jon

Interesting thought there Paul Christensen  and worth a follow up

Cheers Jon

the only stuff in here for this period states that he has joined HMS Titania 1927.... even  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Titania does not include this time frame....cant seem to find anything????? will keep looking

cheers Jon