Barrow Terrace [????-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Barrow Terrace [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

From 1901 Map. On (K) I.L. 546

A row of buildings on the south side of Granville Road between Nathan and Cameron Roads

The map shows 16 units, 8 facing north towards Granville Road, 8 facing south 


Barrow Terrace on the 1901 map is on K.I.L. 546 and 548 (the latter is not marked on the 1901 map but on the 1896 one). 

Amazingly the 1910 Public Works Department Annual Report states 

36. Principal Works by Private Firms

Works Completed.

6 European houses on K.I.L. 522 RP and K.l.L.. 548. Section A, Nathan Road.

Don't know what this means, possibly the 1901 map showed a house to be built in future?.

I think the 1910 report means that Barrow Terrace sold the triangular corner of their lot (K.l.L.. 548. Section A) that was added to part of lot 522 (K.I.L. 522 RP) to make a rectangular piece of land where the "6 European Houses" were built.

The blue outline at shows roughly the outline of the land for the 6 European Houses, laid over the lots 522 and 548.