Kowloon City Bus Terminus [????-1960]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Photos that show this Place


It was the old Kowloon City bus terminus serving as the final stop in Kowloon City from the 1920s till Nov 6 1960. Even in 1958, some lines had already moved to the Kowloon City pier terminus.


1958-10-06 kowloon city bus terminal moved
1958-10-06 kowloon city bus terminal moved, by simtang

Following is a picture from gwulo showing how it looked like around 1955 with a label added.

1955-1957 Ma Tau Chung Road, Kowloon City
1955-1957 Ma Tau Chung Road, Kowloon City, by simtang

The original picture can be found at https://gwulo.com/media/44766/zoom

Another 1949 picture with the CLP substation visible.

1949 kowloon city bus terminal
1949 kowloon city bus terminal, by simtang

The terminus was located south of China Light and Power (CLP) power substation at the Lung Kong rd-Prince Edward rd W junction as shown in this 1960 map. The label is a bit unclear but it probably reads CL & P  Co LTD something.

1960 ma tau wai map
1960 ma tau wai map, by simtang

1949 air view of the terminus:

1949 air view ma tau wai
1949 air view ma tau wai, by simtang

In the above 1955-1957 picture, the CLP substation was blocked from view by some temporary structures.

The CLP substation and its surroundings can be found in this picture. Note that the old building A can be seen in both pictures.

Ma Tau Wai Substation in 1951 馬頭圍變電站,1951年
Ma Tau Wai Substation in 1951 馬頭圍變電站,1951年, by simtang

More pictures can be found at Uwants