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Kialung Wan Cemetery, Victoria Mortuary, and the HK Death & Birth Registration Bureau

I've been reading some archival documents circa 1946 and have been left with a few questions that I hope Gwulo readers can help me with.

1.) Kialung Wan Cemetery: Where is (or was) this cemetery in Hong Kong?  Does it still exist and has its name changed?  Are there alternate spellings of "Kialung Wan"?

2.) Victoria Mortuary: Was this in Kennedy Town in 1946?  Was "Victoria Mortuary" the official name?

3.) Hong Kong Death and Birth Registration Bureau: Where was this organization housed (as in what address) in 1946?  In English, was "Hong Kong Death and Birth Registration Bureau" the official name for this organization?

Any and all replies will be helpful.  Thanks! 



1) Kialung Wan - should refer to Kai Lung Wan (Kellett Bay) Cemetery on Hong Kong Island near Pok Fu Lam. It was a Chinese public cemetery and subsequently demolished to make way for public housing estates in the 1960s.

2) Victoria Mortuary - should be the Victoria Public Mortuary in Kennedy Town. Even with relocation, the mortuary has been in Kennedy Town

Many thanks, Moddsey.  This information is most helpful, particularly the part about the cemetery getting replaced by a public housing estate.  That explains why I couldn't find the cemetery on a 2019 map!

The spelling discrepency (Kialung vs. Kai Lung) is not surprising, as the documents I am reading were typed up by US military personnel who did not know Hong Kong and did not speak Cantonese.


Thanks!  The Ko Tim-Keung article is exactly the resource I was looking for! 


Kai Lung Wan Cemetery:

Public Mortuary:

Here is an iteresting map of Kennedy Town from showing everything from air-raid tunnels to the location of the Tung Wah Hospital foundation stone.  I assume an earlier version of the Victoria Public Mortuary would have been in the same location in 1946 as it is today?