Society Wedding | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Society Wedding

From page 4 of the Hong Kong Daily Press, 1926-10-18:





An event of much local interest took place on Saturday afternoon, namely, the wedding at St. John's Cathedral of Miss Dorothy Muriel Holyoak, daughter of the late Hon. Mr. P. H. Holyoak, and Mrs. Holyoak, of Hongkong, to Capt. Charles Douglas Armstrong, M.C., of the 1st Battalion, the East Surrey Regiment, son of Mr. C. F. Armstrong and the late Mrs. Armstrong, of Maadi, Egypt.

Both bride and bridegroom are very popular in Hongkong, as was demonstrated by the host of friends and guests, distinguished and representative, who attended the ceremony at the Cathedral.

The Rev. G. F. Stopford (Chaplain to the Forces) officiated, assisted by the Rev. H. Copley Moyle.

The Arrival of the Bride.

The bride arrived at the Cathedral promptly at 3 p.m., accompanied by H.E. the Governor (Sir Cecil Clementi, K.C.M.G.), by whom she was given away, and Capt. C. A. Steele, A.D.C.

Lady Clementi had previously arrived at the church.

The bride was attired in a mediaeval gown of white satin with train lined with silver, white tulle veil, green myrtle wreath and orange blossom.

Miss Joyce Holyoak, chief bridesmaid, wore a white pleated georgette dress with long, tight sleeves and wreath of mauve leaves and flowers. 

The Misses Dione and Cecily Clementi, the other bridesmaids, wore pale cream taffetta dresses with lace hats and pink rosebuds and carried nosegays of pink roses.

The bride's mother wore a black lace gown over white, with black crinoline hat.

The best man was Lieut. C. J. Yeo, of the 1st Battalion, East Surrey Regiment.

The hymns and music, from a specially arranged order of service, were "Love Divine, all loves excelling,” “O Perfect Love,” the Wedding March from Lohengrin and Mendelssohn's Wedding March, Mr. F. Mason was at the organ.

A large number of very beautiful gifts were received.

Arch of Swords.

When the bride and bridegroom left the Cathedral, they proceeded under an arch of swords of a guard of honour, comprising brother officers of the bridegroom from the East Surrey Regiment, to the waiting car, which was drawn to Government House by men from the Regiment.

H.E. the Governor, Lady Clementi, Capt. Steele and the bridesmaids followed, and Sir Cecil and Lady Clementi received the guests in the drawing room leading to the ball room. They were then received by the bride and bridegroom in the ball room itself.

The health of the bride and bridegroom was proposed by H.E. the Governor and that of the bridesmaids by Lieut. Yeo. A group photograph was taken in the grounds of Government House.

When the bride and bridegroom left Government House to proceed to Fanling, where the honey-moon is taking place, they had to run the gauntlet of a bombardment of confetti and rose petals from their friends who thronged the spacious hall. On her, departure, the bride travelled in a bois-de-rose gown and hat to match with handsome fox fur.

The Guests.

There were several hundred guests present, and the following is a list of those who accepted invitations:—

Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Alabaster, Mr. H. J. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. E. Mein-Austin, Mr. A. Dyer-Ball, Mr. A. H. Barlow, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. H. Beavis, Mr. and Mrs W. H. Bell, Mr. and Mrs. D. G. M. Bernard, Hon. Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Bird, Mr., Mrs. Miss H. Birkett, Dr. and Mrs. G. D. R. Black, Mr. C. H. Blason, Capt. and Mrs. Bloxham, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. V. Booth, Mr. A. C. I. Bowker, Mr. and Mrs. D. Burlingham, Dr. and Miss Balean, Mr and Mrs. Bagram, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. E. Bullock, Sir Shou Son and Lady Chow, Mr. T. F. Claxton, Mr and Mrs. A. H. Compton Hon. Mr and Mrs. H. T. Creasy, Mr. H. B. L. Dowbiggin, Mr W. A. Dowley, Mr and Mrs. E. M. Dyer, Sister Dakin, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Ferguson, Mr and Mrs. B. A. Forster, Mrs. Ede, Sir Henry Gollan, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Grimble, and Mrs. George Grimble, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hall, Comdr. and Mrs. Hole, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hamilton, Bishop and Mrs. C. R. Duppuy, Mr and Mrs. E. B. Reid, Mr and Mrs. H. R. Remington, Lieut.-Col. Robertson, Mr L. G. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. and the Miss S. and C. Shaw and Mr. Mr. J. K. Shaw (junr.), Mr and Mrs. W. E. L. Shenton, Mr W. F. Simmons, Mr and Mrs. R. Sutherland  and Mr. R. O. Sutherland (junr.), Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Sayer, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Sim, Mr. and Mrs. F. Syme Thompson, Mr. and Miss C. Thwaites, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Tratman, Mr. R. O. Tredwell, Hon. Mr and Mrs. W. T. Southorn, Rev. G. T. Waldegrave, Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Weall, Major C. Willson, Capt. E. D. C. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wood, Surg. Comdr. and Mrs. Fitzroy Williams, Mr P. D. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Raworth and Miss Robinson, Mr. G. M. Young, Rear Admiral, Mrs. and Miss Stirling, Capt, and Mrs. Pallot, Pay.-Lieut. Churcher, Comdr. Young, Comdr. Coomber Mr. F. A. Perry, Mr. J. R. Collis, Hon. Mr. E. R. Hallifax, Miss V. R. Harrison, Mr. R Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hayward, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Hegarty, Sir Robert and Lady Ho Tung, Mr. Geo. Hogg, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. C. Hornell, Mr. W. W. Hornell, Miss Innes, Miss Johnson, Mr. C. Bulmer Johnson, Hon. Mr. I.  J. H. Kemp, Mr. and Mrs T. H. King, Hon. Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Kotewall, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lang, Mr, Paul Lauder, Mr. and Mrs Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lindsell, Mr. W. and Mr. D. and Mr. K. Logan, Mr. L. M. S. Lloyd, Mr. F. Mason, Mr. McElderry, Hon. Mr. C. McMesser, Mr. C. D. Melbourne, Dr. and Mrs. D. Minnett, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. H Mitchell, Rev. H. Copley Moyle, Prof. and Mr. J. Middleton Smith, Mr. and Mrs. G. Miskin, Dr. and Mrs. Newton, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ormiston, Sir H. and Lady Pollock, Mr. L. P. Ralph, Mr. E. Ralphs, and Mr. H. Owen Hughes. Prof. J. W. Anderson, Miss A. Helan, Major and Mrs. E. O. Alabaster, Mr. J. W. C. Bonnar, Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Boylan-Smith, Major, Mrs. and Miss R. L. Bourchier, Major. E. J. Bone, Major R, D. Bennett, Major and Mrs. H. V. Bayliss, Capt. and Mrs. F. G. Bevis, Capt. N. C. D. Brownjohn, Capt and Mrs. Bridgland, Lieut. W, de S. Bass, Capt. and Mrs. Charnock, Mr. and Mrs. A. Cameron, Lieut-Col V. Coates, Capt. and Mrs E. G. H. Clarke, Capt. and Mrs. N. Cameron, Capt. and Mrs. G. F. Charles, Mr. F. Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Dodwell, Dr. Donalon, Lieut-Col. W. A. Edmeades, Major and Mrs. H. R. Edwards, Capt. and Mrs. A. N. Evers, Lieut-Col. 13. H. L. G. Gunn, Major and Mrs. J. P. S. Greig, Miss Honess, Major and Mrs. K Hogg, Capt. and Mrs. J. M. Hunt, Mr. M. D. G. Hoare, Mr. and Mrs. Ho Kom Tong, Mr. J. S. Harston, Capt. and Mrs. R. Hall, Lieut. E. H. L. Jacobs-Larkcom, Lieut. R. Q. F. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Jackman, Hon. Dr. and Mrs. W. V. M. Koch, Mr. G. B. Layton, Major-General and Mrs. C. C. Luard, Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. R. R. Lewis, Major, Mrs and Miss J. P. Lynch, Major L.J. Lightfoot, Mr. and Mrs. L. Lewis, Sisters and Matron, Dr. and Mrs. W. B. A. Moore, Mr. H. C. Macnamara, Mr. C. V. Mark, Lieut.-Col. F. S. Montague-Bates, Major and Mrs. J. Macready, Capt. E. W. Morris, The East Surrey Regiment Officers, Royal Artillery Officers, 87th Punjabis Officers, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Plummer, Major G. L. Peterson, Major and Mrs. R. S. S. Paton, Mr. D. B. Peat, Mr. and Mrs. J. Reid, Mr. J. H. Ramsay, Col. and Mrs. Russell-Brown, Lieut.-Col. and. Mrs. T. A. F. Robinson, Major. P. Rashleigh, Capt. and Bt. Major F. C. Roberts, Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. B. G. Riley, Lieut. D. M. Rycroft, Dr. and Mrs. Smalley, Mr. N. L. Smith, Miss Sloan, Lieut.-Col. C. M. Stephen, Major and Mrs. F. H. Scovil, Major and Mrs. W. B. Stevenson, Rev. and Mrs. G. F. Stopford, Mr. O. Skinner, Dr. Saunders, Mr. P. Tester, Lieut. G. Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. Womack, Mr. J F.Wright, junr., Major C. E. F. Wynoll, Capt R. A. Warters, Capt and Mrs. H. N. B. Walker, Flight-Lieutenant L. W. O'Gowan, Mrs. and Miss Woods, Mrs. Bond, Mr. D. Blake, Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Cousland,. Mr. Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs. Greig, Dr. Gibson, Mr. J, S. Harston, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hall, Capt and Mrs Joll, Mr. G. P. Lammert (sen. and junr.), Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Lammert, Mr. Alfred, Mr. M. M. Maas, Mr. J. M. McHutcheon, Mr. and Mrs. G. Murray, Dr. and Mrs. 'Morrison, Dr. Milward, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Pattenden Mr. and Mrs. A H. Potts, Mr. P. Potts, Mr. L. G. ;E. Ramage, Mr. D. A. Rushton, Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs. Greig, Dr and Mrs. Strahan, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Winslow, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. B. Way and Mr., Mrs and Miss Yates.