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Lai Chi Kok pier [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

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Moddsey found a clipping that describes this pier as the "Torpedo Firing Pier at Lai Chi Kok":

China Mail 23 August 1949

The western part of the Hong Kong Harbour will shortly be completlely sealed except for two 500-yard gaps. As a precaution of movement into Hong Kong of undesirable elements and illegal goods, two light booms will be laid on the western harbour limits. One will be placed between Green Island and Stonecutters Island and the other between Stonecutters Island and the Torpedo Firing Pier at Lai Chi Kok.

He also notes an HKGRO mention that it was part of the Lai Chi Kok Torpedo Range before WW2

Thank you Moddsey and David. Everything is now clear. Andrew

Mention is made of the Naval Authorities seeking a replacement Torpeo Range to the current one in Kowloon. HK Telegraph 17 February 1904 refers.

Use of the Torpedo Range at Lai Chi Kok is first mentioned in HKGRO in November 1904. GN No. 775 refers.