12-1/4 Milestone in Tai O Road, Lantau Island [1963- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

12-1/4 Milestone in Tai O Road, Lantau Island [1963- ]

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Hi there,

I spotted this and three more milestones along Tai O Road on my way to Tai O.


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Hi T,

I've got 'milestones' at the back of my mind for when I run out of other odd things to watch out for! The old maps show them along Nathan Road, then up along the road that looped around the New Territories. I wonder how many are still there.

Any idea how old these triangular milestones are, and whether they are stone or concrete?

Regards, David

Hi there,

Pity, I just did a walk by and did not touch them.  However visual inspection from a few metres away they looked contrete alright.

For other milestones, I remember there used to be some along the original KCRC line back in the 1960 too.

I think some of the milestones are still being left intact along various sections of Castle Peak Road.  We just have to be watchful wihle passing through less developed sections of it.

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There are still milestone markers around that refer to distances from Kowloon Star Ferry on the road to Sai Kung and Tai Po Road. As T says,  there were also some on Castle Peak Road on certain sections e.g. Cafeteria beach etc.

As to how old they are - I think they go back to the 1950/60s. Not many of them left though.

Hi Gerry,

Thanks very much for sharing your research. It deserves its own page, so I've moved it over here.

regards, David