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Tack Ching Primary School - Original Site [????- ]

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Tack Ching Primary School – Original Site.

I made this page based on memories of my primary schools. I welcome correction and improvement from readers who provide accurate time-line of the changes mentioned below.

My Tack Ching School was located on the southwest corner of the junction of Yen Chow Street and Castle Peak Road. It had two entrances, one on Castle Peak Road facing the Garden Bakery, and the other on Un Chau Street. A photo c.1935 shows a sign above its northern entrance that reads, in Chinese, Tack Ching Girls Secondary School.

When I attended primary section in 1952-54, classes took place in this building and the secondary section was operating across the street on Un Chau Street.

Some years later, the two sections exchanged places after a new building was constructed to host the secondary section. The primary section operated until I believe last year, when the building was converted to Tack Ching Kindergarten hence expanding the space of the Kindergarten already operating next to it.

Photos that show this place


This building is now the Ying Wah Girls School.

Tak Ching Primary on the other site (between Un Chau and Fuk Wah Streets) has now been completely demolished.

I'm not sure what is happening with the Kindergarten building, it has been under scaffolding/falsework for some time and I don't know if this is just for renovation or if they are preparing to demolish it as well.

Thank you Phil for the update.  During my 2014 visit, the staff informed that they were going to expand their Kindergarten section.  The current work I assume is to prepare connection between the existing building with the new building.  Regards,  Peter