16 Oct 1943, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong

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There is not much news available tho' repatriation has reared its head again and there are great hopes when the Teia Meru does her next exchange voyage which should be about early December.

The latest information is mysterious being that the next exchange will be entirely different from that which was expected. Now what that means I Dinnae ken, tho' it is being interpreted in many ways, one being that the women that didn't go in 1940 wont get this time either and accordingly more men will get away. Well we'll see in due course.

Time is tearing on and our stay here seems to be going to be long and not very much hope of getting any improvement in the chow rations which are very poor and with the colder weather coming in most are having to tighten their belts except of course those with plenty of money who are able to buy locally at the canteen.

I'm hoping that more letters will come this way soon. I am keeping very fit and well and having plenty to do has a lot to do with my fitness. I weigh round about 11stone.

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