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Tchong family adoption

Hi my name is Shelley and I am a new member, I hope someone can help me. I am searching for a lady who was born in Liverpool,England in 1944 and adopted from birth, I am searching on behalf of her brother who is desperately trying to find a sister he has never met. Her details are..

Beryl Tchong (Birth name Beryl D'agastino),

Born December 24th 1944 in Liverpool, she was adopted from birth, I believe her adoptive parents are Ying and Rose Tchong. Ying was a cafe proprietor in Liverpool, he married Rose in Liverpool just before they adopted Beryl. According to an historic shipping record they left England for Hong Kong in 1949. I hope someone can help me or give me advice,thank you in advance for your time.




Hi Shelley,

Are you in touch with the group at ?

They are documenting the Chinese community in Liverpool around the time of WW2, so may be able to help.

Regards, David

David thank you so much for your reply I will go look at your link now, really kind of you and your time is much appreciated.



David I have just followed your link and realised it's Yvonne Foley, I'm in touch with Yvonne and actually meeting up on Wednesday to see a play, shore to shore I have done a small printout with Beryl's details on and hope to leave them in tables.

thanks again