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Pokfulam Reservoir Road

When was the Pokfulam Reservoir Road been built. The one which leads up to the peak ? The Pokfulam Reservoir is the oldest Reservoir in Hong Kong, so that Road must be quite old.

Morover, when walking up that road there are bunkers on the right side. Are they from the Second World War ?

Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Daniel


I don't know when Pokfulam Reservoir Road was built, but the bunkers were part of Hong Kong's wartime defences.  I'll let those with more expertise on the subject weigh in on exactly when the bunkers were built before the war, and for precisely what defensive purposes.  I don't believe Pokfulam Road saw any fighting during the Japanese invasion of the colony in December 1941, but again, I'll defer to those with more expertise on the subject than me.

I credit the Pokfulam Road bunkers with sparking my interest in Hong Kong's wartime history many years ago, along with the ruins of the Pinewood Battery (an alternate hike down from the peak on Hatton Road).  


You can get a rough idea of the date by seeing when it first appears on maps: 

Please let us know what you find.

Here are pages we have about some of the buildings in that area, including the bunkers: