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Most south-easterly of the hills ontop of Mount Austin [????- ]

Current condition: 

Mount Austin (i.e. the massif within the loop of Lugard and Harlech roads) has a number, I would say four, of slightly lower peaks in the immediate vicinity of its summit. None of these subsiduary peaks have distinguishing names as far as I am aware, which can lead to confusion when attempting to identify or describe specific locations ontop of "The Peak".

This "place" marker is for the most south-easterly of these subsiduary peaks. 

Here's an early photo showing the west side of the hilltop in question with a leaning flag pole ontop and Mount Kellett and Lamma Island in the background.

Mountain Lodge Damaged by Typhoon of 1874
Mountain Lodge Damaged by Typhoon of 1874, by A Fong

A flag pole seems to have remained a feature of this hill for many years as one can also be seen in these 1950's photos showing, firstly, the north side of the hill with Mount Stenhouse on Lamma in the background.

Battys f.
Battys f., by Peter Keeley

And secondly, the east side of the hill (i.e. the hilltop on the left of the photo).

Battys from lower down road.
Battys from lower down road., by Peter Keeley

When I last visited, in about 2016, the very top of the hill was fenced off and occupied by aerials. Nevertheless, the path to the top of the hill is in good condition and there are fantastic views from it and around the fenced area. Today Google Maps labels the site as Victoria Peak Transmitting Station.

Photos that show this place