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Hong Kong Phone books. Directories, or Hong Lists?

Does anyone know if there are old phone directories or Hong Lists for Hong Kong? I know there are books for Northern treaty ports, but there must have been some sort of comparable listing for Hong Kong as well. I'm looking for anything from the 1920s or 1930s. 


Have you seen the Chronicle & Directory for those years? https://www.bris.ac.uk/history/customs/ancestors/directories.html

I've looked at the Chronicles and they don't have the details of the Hong Lists...the phone numbers, names and residential addresses or principles. I've never seen a Hong List for Hong Kong. Maybe Hong Kong didn't have Hong Lists.  I have one for 1937 that covers Shanghai, and treaty ports up north, but nothing for Hong Kong or Kowloon. I would think there would be something. The library says the earliest residential white pages phone books they have is 1986 with most others being 1995 or later.