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Gonçalo José FERREIRA [1862-1916]

Gonçalo José
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Place of death: Macau


Great great grandpa Ferreira (smaller).png
Great great grandpa Ferreira (smaller).png, by Vanessaf


This is my great great grandfather Ferreira. One of his sons (my great grandfather) was Alberto Francisco Ferreira (01 Sep 1899 - 15 Aug 1987), who appears in the jurors lists here on the gwulo website.

I would be grateful for any help or hints with finding his name! Thank you in advance.

Update (2018-12-24): Thanks to help from Roy Danenberg and Robert Leitao (who shared his Macanese family tree with me), I was able to find out that great great grandfather's name was Gonçalo Ferreira, and that his wife was Maria Libania Ferreira! Thank you Roy and Robert, and to David for producing the gwulo website (also suggesting the Macanese family trees)!

Update (2019-01-02): The Carl Smith Cards also contain multiple records documenting Goncalo Ferreira and his wife Maria Libania de Paula were parents of my great grandfather Albert Francisco, and some of his siblings, as well as Goncalo's and Maria's parents! Very helpful!


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Alberto's first appearance in the Juror's Lists is the 1922 list:

c Ferreira Alberto Works Foreman HK Electric Co Ld     126 Praya East

There aren't any other men surnamed Ferreira in that list, or the 1921 list, but in the 1920 list we find:

c Ferreira Francisco Xavier Passo Foreman, Installation Dept HK Electric Light Co., Ld.     61 Praya East

Could that be Alberto's father, who helped his son get a job in the same company - maybe after he retired? Francisco appears in the lists for 1915-1920, working at HK Electric Co., Ld.

Thank you so much David - that's very intersting. I've now passed this on to family members, which may or may not ring a bell in anyone's memory.

Do you think the Carl Smith Collection might be helpful?

I've tried searching the HK old newspapers online digital archives as you suggested in another chain (which was quite fruitful in many respects - I did find my great grandmother Ferreira's first name finally - so thank you!), but I didnt find any obituaries for a Ferreira other than Eduardo Ferreira (one of my grand uncles)

I also found the Ferreira family grave at St Michael's, but the one mysterious Ferreira there "J.G. Ferreira" who died at age 27 in 1919 (meaning he must have been born circa 1892), the age does not match to be the father of Alberto Francisco Ferreira (1899 - 1987)

Best wishes, Vanessa

Yes, the Carl Smith cards are always worth checking.

There's also the Macanese families database mentioned at https://gwulo.com/node/9376

Thank you David

The Carl Smith Cards are amazing. Allowed me to trace even Goncalo's parents. Francisco Xavier above appears in the Carl Smith Cards as well -I've created a Person's page for him (https://gwulo.com/node/43070).I'm not sure whether he is related at all to our family, but l do not recognise his parents' names.

I just caught this after a Goggle search n thought I might be able to share something interesting about this missing Ferreira. But before I go further I would like to know if Concalo also worked in HK Electric before he died in 1916?

Hello Victor,

As far as I know from the Carl Smith Card collection, my great great grandpa Goncalo Ferreira was a soldier policeman in Macau, and he passed away in Macau, buried at Macau's St Michael's cemetery, so unlikely he would have worked for HK Electric. However, his son and my great grandpa Alberto Francisco Ferreira definitely worked for HK Electric and was quite senior in the company by the end of his career.

Best wishes


Hi Vanessa,

It appears that your great grandpa and this unknow Ferreira are contempoaries. From your research do you know who was the father of this unknown Ferreira? From what I know the father of this unknown Feffeira should also had worked in HK Electirc. He helped this unknown Ferreira of getting a job in HK Electric. Please note that he was born in 1900 and he could be at the age of only 15 when he first started working in HK Electric. There should be an older Fereira working in HK Electric before 1915, probaly between 1900 to 1915. Is it possible to find out ? Please let me know your thoughts on this. Many Thanks.




Hello Victor,

Happy to help - now, just to avoid confusion and make sure we are talking about the same person, when you refer to "this unknown Ferreira", which person do you mean here? Do you mean "Francisco Xavier Passo Ferreira"? I do not believe that Francisco Xavier Passo Ferreira is related to our Ferreira family, but I cannot be sure.


To orient you to our Ferreira family:

Goncalo Jose Ferreira (1862-1916; pictured above) had at least the following children:

  1. Maria Libania Ferreira (????-1891)
  2. Floriza Paula Ferreira (1890-1917)
  3. Georginio Julio Ferreira (1892-1919)
  4. Agostinho Casiano Maria Ferreira (1894-1914)
  5. Raimundo Jose Ferreira (1896-1960)
  6. Alberto Francisco Ferreira (1899-1987) - this is my great grandpa who worked for HK Electric
  7. Pedro Jose Ferreira (1902-1982)


For "Francisco Xavier Passo Ferreira", I had found a Carl Smith Card on him - actually, he was not born in 1900 - it was his SON (called Franciscus Joseph Ferreira) who was born 27 Feb 1900, and was baptised on 2 Sep 1900. I have now corrected this on his page - I uploaded the Carl Smith Card there as well:



Is Francisco Xavier Passo Ferreira who you are looking for? On his Carl Smith Card, it says he was a Foreman for HK Electric in 1915 (40 Staunton), and Foreman in the Installation department of HK Elctric in 1920 (16 Praya East)


Pls let me know and happy to help further where I could. Equally, if you have information that you could share, please let me know, as I don'tknow whether Francisco Xavier Passo Ferreira is related to our family in any way. Many thanks in advance!


Best wishes


Hi Vanessa,

Thank you very much. The unknown Ferreira I m looking for is "Fransico Xavier Passo" not Alberto, your Great Grandfather. I believe the two are not related too. In fact, I m interested to know more about this Francisco and his son Franciscus. By the way, since I m not used to reading Carl Smith Cards, it appears that the mother of Franciscus is not a Portugese cause I saw the phrase "pagan woman". It would be most helpful if you can share your view on this. Besides, if you have further information regarding Francisco and his son Franciscus, please let me know. Many Thanks.




Hello Victor

I had performed a quick search in the Carl Smith Card Collection - you can also access this easily via David's link here:



I put in search terms "Francisco AND Ferreira", "Xavier AND Ferreira", "Passo AND Ferreira"


The other possible relevant card I found was this - not sure if it is the same Francisco Xavier Ferreira:

Carl Smith Card 214427.png
Carl Smith Card 214427.png, by Vanessaf