Old Hong Kong Photos ... Volume 2 : Errors & corrections

Submitted by David on Sun, 11/25/2018 - 18:42

Spotted a mistake? Please let us know in the comments below, so it can be corrected in future editions.

Thanks to Harry Fynn, who wrote in to let me know I've got battalions and regiments the wrong way round.

The document, Report From The Select Committee On Mortality Of Troops (China), discusses the death and illness faced by the "2nd Battalion 9th Regiment" and the "2nd Battalion 11th Regiment" while they were in Hong Kong in the 1860s. I mistakenly assumed these referred to two regiments in the same battalion. But that isn't possible as a regiment is the larger unit, made up of battalions.

Here is Harry's explanation and correction:

On Page 61 you refer to "2nd Battalion's 9th and 11th Regiments", implying that the Regiments were part of the "2nd Battalion". This should read "the 2nd Battalions of the 9th and 11th Regiments"; the 9th Regiment of Foot became The Norfolk Regiment and the 11th (North Devonshire) Regiment became the Devonshire Regiment. 

Thanks to Harry for the correction. If you've spotted any other mistakes, please let us know in the comments below.

John Slaney writes:

I was unable to reconcile the comment on page 98 ("this photo taken in 1972") with the comment on page 99 ("demolished in 1977"). I know that it was still going in the mid seventies because I used it myself !

John's absolutely right, as the back of the photo has the year "77" clearly printed on it:

Back of photo


So the second sentence on page 98 should read:

This photo, taken in 1977, is newer than most in the book.

Thanks to John for the correction. If you've spotted any other mistakes, please let me know.