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Casa Bianca

I am looking for information on a house by the name of Casa Bianca which was reported to be near Deep Water Bay. It was commandeered by the Army in December 1941. It was used for a while by Canadian Signals detachment after the evacuation of the Mainland. Philip


The only mention I've found so far is this one in the 1938 Jurors List:

Astington, Bertram Manager, Swedish Match Co. Casa Bianca, Deep Water Bay

I've been there a few times when it was occupied by the late (retd Portuguese magistrate) Christopher D'Almada e Castro & brother of Leo, but I wouldn't have a clue on how to get there again as it has been so long. Lovely idyllic place, I must say.

Thank you Megabyte - do you remember at all whether it was by the sea - overlooking Middle Island or anything about its surrounds? When you went there was it in 1970s ? Thank you.  Philip


Hello Philip,

I think perhaps you are probably mistaken into thinking Casa Bianca was located on HK Island to say it was facing Middle Island and Deep Water Bay, when it should be Clear Water Bay in NT East instead. The house was perched at the top of a grassy slope with a nice fish pond halfway down and you could see the Bay in the distance. And yes it was in the seventies or eighties when I was there. Hope that helps.

Perhaps another one - because this house I am looking for with the name Casa Bianca was definitely on the Island. It was occupied by the Canadian Signals Detachment (32 men) after they were evacuated from the Mainland on or around 11th 12th December 1941. It is said to be in DWB.  Philip

You may have a point there, as the one I visited could not have accommodated 32 grown men for sure.