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Albert JILLOTT [1901-????]


Albert Jillott was my Grandfather. As far as I know he arrived in Hong Kong after the 1st world war on a ship from Archangel in Russia. He had been posted there with the Royal Marines. The story goes that at the end of the war he slipped the billeting officer a few quid and asked to be put on the next ship out of there. That went to Hong Kong, so that’s where he stayed.

He worked at Hong Kong Prison until his retirement in 1954, at which point he was Assistant Commissioner of Prisons and was awarded the MBE for his work. It may amuse you to know that he retired at the age of 53 and proceeded to live until he was 92. He was therefore receiving his government pension for longer than he actually worked for them!

He was married to Maude, with two daughters: Cynthia Valerie (my mother, who has always used Valerie as her name) and Diana. Diana sadly passed away last month, but my mother is still going strong at 85!

The ladies of the family were all evacuated to Australia during the war years. Mum told me a lovely story about how, after they had settled in Melbourne, Australia, her mother (my Grandmother) won a raffle at the local Hong Kong evacuees luncheon, and that gave her the opportunity to broadcast a message on the radio in Hong Kong.

When it was broadcast, my Grandfather had just finished his shift as a prison officer in Hong Kong Prison and wandered next door into the police HQ bar for a well-deserved drink. He was quite a loud character and made his usual rumbustious entrance to the bar, but was told to be quiet as the evacuated wives were broadcasting on the radio and the men wanted to hear if any of their wives were included. Of course, my Grandmother's voice came over the radio with a message that they were all OK and missing him, at which point my Grandfather turned right around, returned to the prison, and requested he take the leave that was owing to him so he could visit his family in Australia. It was perfect timing for him, as a few days after he left Hong Kong it fell to the Japanese.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any further information on their time in Hong Kong.


Mr Jillott had a long career in the Prison Service. Page J84 of the Blue Book for 1924 gives the 'Date of First Appointment', ie when he started work there, as 1st March 1922.

I was in the PRO today, looking at Civil Service lIsts so took the opportunity of finding Mr Jillott in the 1937 list.  I've managed (whayhay!! ) to post a photo of it, but attaching it to here is way too complicated .... so it appears as a separate item, sorry



Albert Jillott
Albert Jillott, by patricia

Royal Marines 1899-1919
  Royal Marine Light Infantry: Plymouth Division
  23 May 1901
Date(s) of enrolment 18 Jun 1918

Death 1993 Wolverhampton date of birth on death record 23 May 1901

1911 Census For England & Wales

4 Bentley St Lockwood Huddersfield, Lockwood, Yorkshire & Yorkshire (West Riding), England

Albert Jillott born Lockwwood Yorkshire living with parents and siblings Father Tom Jillott a warp dresser and mother Sarah Ann a fruiterer

Thank you so much for this information. It fills in a few more gaps in the family history.

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