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Tai Pak amusement park

In his book Streets: Exploring HK Island Jason Wordie notes about Li Po Lung Path in Kennedy Town that the small street is named after the Chinese entrepreneur Li Po Lung, who also established an amusement park (Tai Pak Yau Lok Cheung) in the area, that is on the hillside above Belcher's Street. Is anything else known about this entrepreneur and his amusement park? Do we have any pictures of the park?


I have searched this site, but have not found anything on the subject. Sorry if I have missed something


I also read that the entrepreneur Li Po Lung named some of the surrounding terrace paths after phrases from Li Po's poetry. These paths include Hei Wong Terrace, Ching Lin Terrace, Hok Sze Terrace. Again, I wonder if any one knows more about Li Po Lung and his amusement park - and about his evident interest in the classic poetry of his namesake. Can we know what these poetry phrases are and their meaning?