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Harry Marco LANDAU [1933- ]

Harry Marco
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Hong Kong

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I was born in Hong Kong, at the Matilda Hospital on the Peak in 1933, where a number of my family had resided for a goodly number of years.

My Grandfather A.A. Landau (commonly known as Jimmy) opened Jimmy's Kitchen in Wan Chai to service the American Fleet. This restaurant was followed by several others, Jimmy's in Kowloon, Landau's in Wan Chai.

My Mother Rose Landau & Father Emile Landau opened the Parisian Grill or PG as it was known followed by PG Farm near Deep Water Bay & also PG Farm Shop at the Peak Tram terminus.

During the war Father was in Stanley Jail.

I remember watching the air raid which sank most of the Japanese warships in the Harbor from a flat above The Jewish Club. Also the carpet bombing raid from Garden Tce. This latter was meant to hit the naval docks but instead missed & caused great destruction in Wan Chi.

I especially remember using a sedan chair to travel from Queens Rd C., to mid levels.

Yours sincerely
Harry Landau

My Grandfather, A.A.(Jimmy) Landau had a home at the base of Mt Davis. We were living there during the early part of the war until the Japanese came early one morning & arrested my Father (Emile), Mother (Rose) & Dr S.S. Ramler (Siggy). They were taken to Central police station & tortured in the usual Japanese way until admitting providing several English POWs with the means to escape to India. 

Mother & Dr Ramler were eventually released but Father was sentenced & spent time in Stanley Goal until war ended.

Harry Landau