John Thomson (1837-1921) photographic studio location in present day Hong Kong?

Submitted by angelac on Thu, 07/12/2018 - 22:09

This is a wonderful website, full of really useful information.

I am trying to locate where in present day Hong Kong John Thomson's photographic studio would have been. Queens Road was so long in 1868 and I can't figure how the old numbering system would relate to today's Queen's Road layout. Thomson had 2 studios in Hong Kong, the first  was at the Commercial Bank Buildings, Queen's Road, Hongkong. And the second at 29 Queen's Road (next to Messrs Lane, Crawford and Co). 

I would be most grateful for any insights that any one here would have . Thank you very much!

John Thomson took many photos from one location on Queens Road, including the 1st floor balcony. Today that location is Commercial House, No 35 Queen's Road. Lane Crawford was very close.  

Queens Road has been renumbered many times so the numbers will not match up.