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information regarding Sing Hop, Ship and House Painter

Hello Everyone,

Im new to the site and I am looking to find out information regarding my mothers family who had a business Sing Hop, Ship and House Painter located at No. 97 Parkes Street, Yaumati, HongKong.  I tried to locate it on the web but to no avail. 

Does anyone have information as to how I might be able to find out what happened to the business.


Betty L


Hello Betty,

Please could you let us know when the business was at that address? Even a rough set of dates will help.

Regards, David

Hi David, thank you for getting back to me. 

Im unsure of time line, but it must be at least 20 Year’s ago that the business was there in Yaumati. On the business card there is a phone # 56478 which I’m sure no longer exist. Thanks again,





Hi There,

I believe 5 digit phone numbers were likely before the 1960s, when no direct-dial was available and you need a operator to put you through.  That would mean the shop would likely exist over 50 years ago.


Hi Betty,

What is the Chinese name of the business?  That may provide a clue on old photographs, advertisements and newspaper reports, etc.

A google search turned up a couple of results showing that Sing Hop was at this address in 1948 and 1969, so they were in business there for at least 21 years.