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Karl Adolf August KASTMANN [1884-????]

Karl Adolf August
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He first appears on the 1906 Jurors list:

c Kastmann Karl Adolf August Assistant Siemssen & Co.   Queen's Buildings

He's not shown on the lists for 1907-1910, but appears again on the 1911 list with exactly the same details, then disappears again.

The next appearance is on the Jurors list for 1926, which shows a Karl Kastmann working as an assistant at John Manners & Co. He stays on the lists until the 1938 list, which shows him as a Merchant, still with John Manners & Co.

He isn't mentioned in the 1939 list, due to the declaration of war between Britain and Germany. The Gazette entry 808 for 1939 includes Mr Kastmann in a list titled: "IN THE MATTER OF THE ALIEN ENEMIES (WINDING UP) ORDINANCE, No. 28 of 1914.", so it looks as though he was interned as an enemy alien. However, next year there's a Gazette entry 183 that says the appointment of the liquidator was revoked, but only for Mr Kastmann, not for the other people on the 1939 list.

He stayed on in Hong Kong, even through the Japanese occupation. He's mentioned in Tom Hutchinson's wartime diaries for June 1944 and July 1944.

Brian Edgar adds that:

Mr. and Mrs. Kastmann were a German couple who helped Dorothy Brazier and Doris Lemmon run their Salvation Army orphanage during the occupation.

(Susanna Hoe, The private lIfe of Old Hong Kong, 276)