11 and a half milestones

Submitted by chrisallbutt on Sun, 04/01/2018 - 22:30

Hello David,i lived in hong kong 1967-1971 and went back last year to try and find where we used to live.My mother says it was 11 1/2 milestone perhaps near castle peak beach.From what i could see the old castle peak road is closed and a new one built.i seem to remember the main road being right next to the sea and coming off it to go up a winding road to where the flat was.

Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Regards Chris

Here's that area on a 1952 map:


At the right you can see "M.S. 11" just below "Ting Kau", showing the 11 mile milestone. The blue marker is roughly at the "11 and a half" location on the old Castle Peak Road, that runs along the shore as you remember. Your house may be one of the buildings shown inland from the marker at the end of short lanes.

The road and coastline are still much the same today, but the buildings have been re-developed:


Hi Chris; just an observation but I was wondering if, in fact, you were confusing the Castle Peak Rd with the newer Tuen Mun Highway?

As David says, the Castle Peak Rd is still there - but not as your family members would remember it!

Milestone 11 & 12 nowadays are no longer here, but they were in 2001. 11.5 (clockwise) wasn't even built before.

Hi Chris we lived upstairs from you at Garway Villas at the same time. We also got to see you a few times when we were all back in the UK. Last time I remember seeing you was in Bude early 70's. I have been back to HK loads of times both on holiday and business. Last time was 2019 & also 2019/2020 new year and we managed to find the right area and also my partner's old house Dragon Villla which is still there on the castle peak road. Also have a friend who we stayed with lives near the old Gordon Hard Boat club. Have some photos of me at Garway. Be good to catch up after all these years to hear all about family, brother Simon etc.....