Euston [1932-????]

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Euston was one of Eu Tong Sen's 'castles'.

The modern residential development 'Euston Court' stands here now.

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Chanced upon this youtube link - nevermind all that cheesy makeup and hairdo (and the score too) from the 80s, just wondering about the identity of the building. Definitey looks Euston to me, if not perhaps Eucliff. Actually came across lots of Canto movies from the oldies channel and seems like quite a few of them were shoot just prior to the demolition of these castles.

I agree that it looks like Euston (see 2:50), but at 3:24 there seems to be too many trees in the background.

I believe the 1983 film "Flash Future Kung Fu" (打擂台; also known as "Health Warning") directed by Che-Kirk WONG (黃志強) was filmed in Euston.

Which other films did the castles appear in?

Stanley Ho acquired Euston in exchange for his villa in Tai Tam named Stanley Lodge.  The villa had been named after baby Stanley when his father, Ho Kwong, first built it in the 1920s.

However, his father lost all his money and Stanley Lodge as well.  Stanley Ho bought it back in 1980, and had a big party to celebrate.  However,  only a few years later, he traded Stanley Lodge for Euston.