08 Jan 1942, P. O. W. and ESCAPE DIARY. | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

08 Jan 1942, P. O. W. and ESCAPE DIARY.

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Thu, 8 Jan 1942

Bitterly cold night last night with a biting wind;  very difficult to get any sleep at all; wired bags and strapped clothes over windows but still the cold blew in.  Went round the hospitals this a.m. with Brigadier and then were visited by a Jap Colonel, who told us that the dysentery was our fault and that we had to stop it at once.  We replied that we had nothing to stop it with and he said the Jap Army was very strict about these things and we had to do as we were told.  We had to put barbed wire around the dysentery hospitals but it just annoyed them when I said that that would not stop the flies.  We asked for fittings for the latrine pans, mag sulph, lime, creosote etc but they replied that the Jap army was very busy and they would give it to us when they could get it.  Lime was promised at 1 p.m. today.  Had long talk with Morley and Davis and they are inclined to have a shot at it.  Lee made contact with boat coming back at 9.30 pm. tonight.  Had to speak to Naval Cmdr for nearly spoiling Lee’s contact.  Boat for Lee turned up about 18.30 instead of 2100.  It was still very light and attracted a lot of attention.  Just after 1945 when it was just dark got Lee’s things out for him and then he waited his chance and called the boat across.  Another naval man nearly spoilt things by standing there and watching.  I had to ask him to come away as we were expecting a message through.  Everything went off successfully and Davis and I waited till 2020 when all was clear.  Then returned and packed.  Gave Morley the Red Cross Haversack.  Had 2 ½  biscuits with butter and jam before turning in.  In bed by 2145.