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Naval Boundary Stone #84, Flagstaff House [????- ]

Current condition: 

Today, this stone stands on the lawn in front of Flagstaff House. I don't believe this was its original location though. It was likely moved here from the old dockyard area.

Photos that show this place



The Stone represented the boundary of the enlarged Royal Naval Dockyard in 1910. In line with the expansion of the China Station, the Royal Navy had also acquired North and Wellington Barracks (north of Queensway) from the Army.

1900s Construction of the Royal Naval Dockyard

1900s Royal Navl Dockyard


1900s Royal Naval Dockyard



Completed Royal Nval Dockyard

1900s Royal Naval Dockyard


1910s Royal Naval Dockyard


Thanks for the photos & extra information. I'm just writing a short introduction to these old stones, so I'll add in the background info on the 1910 date.

Thanks for the Bowen Road photos too. I remember you sent copies to me some time back, and was about to start looking for where I'd put them.

Regards, David

I have joined a guided building tour of the Flagstaff House many years ago.  The guide mentioned that this boundary stone was originally situated near the current vehicle entrance to Hong Kong Park on Garden Road.  It was moved there during the construction of the Park. She also mentioned that there was a grave marker for a dog around the same area on the lawn, but was lost during the construction.