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Pre-order the Gwulo book for special price & free shipping

[5th Dec 2017 Update: The pre-launch offer has finished, so normal book pricing now applies. But you can still download the free sample pages from the book, and overseas readers can still order two or more copies delivered to the same address to get free shipping. Click for details.]


Pre-order offers as we get close to the launch: special price, free shipping, and a free sample.

Special price

The book's list price will be HK$168, but regular readers can pre-order copies before the 4th December at HK$150. (Printing has finished ahead of schedule, so I'm now expecting to receive the books on Monday, 4th December.)

Please click a "Pre-order ..." link below to pre-order your book(s). Payment can be made online using a Paypal account or a credit card. Readers with a Hong Kong bank account also have the option to pay by bank transfer, or HK$ cheque.


Free shipping

All deliveries to Hong Kong addresses are shipped free of charge.

Overseas orders are very welcome. If you live overseas, you can also get free shipping if you order two or more copies of the book. So if you can combine an order with a friend, or buy an extra copy to give as a gift, shipping is free.

Overseas orders for a single book pay the airmail postage. The cost of airmail varies by country, and will be shown to you before you confirm payment for your order.


Signed copy?

If you'd like your copy to be signed, that's easy to arrange. When you've placed your order you'll receive an order confirmation email. Please reply to that with a message "Request signed copy", and I'll take care of it.

The standard signature is "With best wishes, David", but if you'd like to add a message please also include that in your reply.


Gwulo book's front cover

Free sample

You'e seen the cover, but if you'd like a look inside please click here to download a PDF sample of pages from the book.



As soon as the books arrive, I'll start licking stamps, sticking labels, and sending them on their way! 

Gwulo book's back cover


If anything isn't clear, or if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.