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Marker Stone

Found this down a hillside in Aberdeen country park.  Can anyone tell me what it is and what it says.  Thanks for your help.

Marker Stone Aberdeen.JPG
Marker Stone Aberdeen.JPG, by bob

Hi there, By the look of the engraving it should be a head stone instead. There are two names, and the name of the where they come from. Looked like to be a grave of two, both male. Can't read all the words. Where did you find it please? From the GeoInfo Map by the Government, there are markers of graves all around if you zoom in close enough. Maybe this is one of the marked ones. T T

Hi bob, I agree with tngan that it is a headstone. I am providing some translatiin below:

香邑 (Heung Yup, right to left across the top): Literally mean Heung Town. It is a phrase used to refer to Heung Shan (香山, Xiangshan) County which is the present-day cities of Zhongshan (中山) and Zhuhai (珠海).

南蓢 (Nam Long, Nanlong on Mandarin) is a town in Zhongshan, near the birthplace of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The second character of the name was changed to 朗 in 2003.

Below these, there are names of two men with the surnames 林 (Lam) and 陳 (Chan). The given names are difficult to tell.

Then, the words are 二公 (two gentlemen). The next word looks like 合 (combined). The final character is hard to tell.

Thank you for your reply.  t's located at 160m south west on Bennet's hill ,overlooking Wong Chuk Hang. 

Many thanks for all this information - much appreciated.  Any idea of how old they might be?  Bennett's Hill was a site of conflict during WWII - can these be related?  Is it usual to have two people sharing the same grave?  Thanks.

There are graves on the eastern side of Lower Aberdeen Reservior, above and below the nature trail, to the west of Bennett's Hill. I'll try posting some photos.

Thank you, Happy Valley. I look forward to those photographs. From which era are the graves? The one whose photograph Bob posted seems to date from before the Second World War.

They are here :-

I doubt war-related. Family graves.