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Gwulo book: cover design

After several cycles with the designer we've got a layout I'm happy with. We've got two colour options, so I'm interested to hear your preference, and any other feedback on the layout - especially if you spot any mistakes! (The book size is 6 x 9 inches.)

Gwulo book cover - red


Gwulo book cover - blue



David, I personally like the blue spine as it goes well with the other colours, IMHO laugh

Since this is Volume I, you can have either colour and use the other colour for Volume II. I like both spines but if I had to choose, I would prefer the burgundy spine (auspicious colour).

I prefer the Burgundy colour, a "lucky" colour.

Thanks for your feedback. Across Facebook, Twitter, and Gwulo we've had several votes for blue, but a clear majority for the red / burgundy. Fingers crossed there will be enough interest in volume 1 to warrant a volume 2 in blue!

Regards, David

Hi David,

I also think that the burgundy spine looks better.  Have you any idea of the price and whether the book will be available in the UK or via the Internet?  I'll look forward to reading it.

Well done and best wishes, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I'm still pondering the price, but will have to make a decision soon.

I'm working on adding an online store to the website so I can sell books and photo prints through the site. That should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

Best regards, David

Burgundy is more eye catching even if not to worry about whether auspicious or not. In the old days when I worked in the publishing & advertising fields, the deep navy blue to Chinese was always a taboo as it is related to death but guess not anymore to the majority nowadays. In Western sense "blue" also carries sad connotations, however, if you convert it to lighter blue, not so much that sort of feeling. Deep blue is of course more classical than lighter blue. Being nostalgic as a copy editor 40 years ago, I would suggest to use a more classical font to match the nostalgic contents rather than san-serif. Yet it may be too late to change the typeface now.

Alan, thanks for the feedback. The cover will likely stay as is, but the text inside the book will be a serif font.

Regards, David