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Hong Kong Early 60s in the RAF

I lived at RAF Kaitak from 1961-63 and worked at the radar station at Taimoshan. I remember Typhoon Wanda in 1962 when 5 RAF friends were killed at High Island.The  RAF could have taken them off before the typhoon hit.I was a pall bearer for an aussie friend name Dusty.A pal of mine married a chinese girl who worked at Shatin Babies Home and as I had a Hong Kong driving license I was the chauffeur.


I've added some links to your post above, where there are some photos of the places you mentioned. Any memories and/or photos gratefully received!

I didn't know that there were RAF men killed during that typhoon. Was there an RAF station on High Island at the time?

Regards, David

Hello David

The five RAF men were on an exercise on High Island and were told to shelter in a stone building if typhoon Wanda arrived.The building was smashed to pieces and all the men were killed.They could have been taken off by a launch long before the typhoon struck.