Edward VII Coronation Celebrations

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81. Coronation Celebrations: - Arrangements were made for illuminating a number of the principal Public Buildings, including the Queen’s Statue, on the occasion of the Coronation of Their Majesties the King and Queen. All preparations had been practically completed for the  night of the 27th June when the arrangements were cancelled in consequence of His Majesty’s illness. The illuminations subsequently took place on the night of the 9th August, but Were unfortunately marred by a heavy downpour of rain, which occurred at an early stage of the proceedings.

The following are some particulars of the Buildings treated:

Queen’s Statue—730 incandescent electric lamps outlining the canopy &c.

Government House—530 incandescent electric lamps forming the devices of a Crown, Prince of Wales’ feathers and the letters E. R.

Clock Tower— 4,000 small, coloured glass lamps, besides 56 flare lamps. In addition to the above, about 6,000 lanterns were used in illuminating the Post Office, Supreme Court and other buildings.

The only other events in connection with the Coronation celebrations, which require to be recorded here, were the unveiling of the Duke of CONNAUGHT’S Statue presented to the Colony by the Honourable Sir CATCHICK PAUL CHATER, G.M.G.) on the 5th July, and the turning oi the first sod of the King’s Park in Kowloon on the 6th August, both of which ceremonies were performed by H. E. Major-General Sir Wm. Julius GASCOIGNIE, K.C.M.G., Otficer Administering the Government. On the occasion of the latter, a tree was planted near Austin Road by Lady GASCOIGNE. The scheme for the formation of the Park involves the removal of the Rifle Ranges to a new site and the settlement of the boundaries of land bordering on the Park required by the Military Authorities for the erection of Barracks. These matters were still under negotiation at the end of the year.

Source: PWD Report 1902

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