Ruins of housing on hillsides by WanChai Gap Rd./Green Trail | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Ruins of housing on hillsides by WanChai Gap Rd./Green Trail

As I was walking up the first part of Wan Chai Green Trail from Kennedy Rd. and up towards Peak Rd. I noticed some ruins of old housing on the hill sides. What remains today are house foundations, terraces and some tile flooring. Most of this is now overgrown by dense vegetation.

I am curious if we know who lived there, and when the areas were cleared? It looks old, but my guess is probably not much more than 50 or 60 years. 

Any information about this is appreciated.



I can see that these hillside squatter quarters have been written about here extensively. For instance

I don't see anything specifically about the area of the lower Wanchai Gap Road/Green Trail. The concrete foundations, concrete steps, and decorative floor tiling suggests perhaps quality tenement housing; certainly not the wooden, stilted shelters that were elsewhere. 

In any case, the terrain of the lower Gap Road is impossibly steep, so the extent of construction would probably have been limited here.

I'm not sure which government department would have records of when these huts were cleared. Another approach would be to look at old aerial photos & maps of the area, and use those to at least get an estimate of when the huts were built and demolished.