This first appeared in issue #1 of 'History Notes', compiled by the late Phillip Bruce. It is reproduced here on Gwulo by kind permission of Mr Bruce's family. NB I've included these questions for completeness, but they were asked back in the 1980s and so have hopefully been answered long ago.

Dear Sir: I am writing an account of all the different units of the Defence Forces of the British Commonwealth and Empire, outside the United Kingdom, up to 1945. I would be extremely grateful if your readers could help me with the following "loose ends."

1. The Hong Kong Auxiliary Flotilla was organised in 1885 by Sir George Bowen, "consisting of volunteers from the water police and yachtsmen with the Assistant Harbour Master as Commandant." Can anyone tell me anything about it?

2. The Imperial War Graves Commission (World War One) register Asia 1-50 includes "Ah Ching, Pte., Attd. 40th Coy. Royal Engineers, 14th July, 1917. 20152. Buried in Hau Pui Lung Cemetery, Kowloon." Can anyone tell me anything about Chinese attached to the Royal Engineers at this time?

3. Also in Hau Pui Lung Cemetery is "San A Kim, Coolie. 6. Attd. Royal Ordnance Dept. 22nd Dec., 1914. 14976." Can anyone provide information?

4. The Saiwan Bay Memorial (World War II) includes the following: "Chung Koon Yau, Pte. R.A.O.C. 15th December, 1941. Age 55. Husband of Lo Sze, of Hong Kong." "Chung On, Pte. R.A.O.C. 8th/25th September, 1941. Age 54. Husband of Cho Moon, of Hong Kong." Even R.A.O.C. soldiers who were actually in the battle were unable to tell me anything about local Chinese serving with them. Can anyone help?

5. Stanley Military Cemetery has the following graves: "Hunt, Peter Norman (Served as Rosario, Dvr. Peter Norman), T/215978. R.A.S.C. 7th September, 1943. Age 19. Son of Sjt. Hubert James Hunt, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps, died on active service, 31st May, 1944, and Julia Gertie Hunt, of Kowloon, Hong Kong. Also served in British Army Aid Group." "Ng Chung Sze (served as Jones, Pte. W.) R.A.S.C. 19th December, 1941. Age 43. Husband of Lo Yuk Chi, of Kowloon, Hong Kong." Ng Hong Wing (Army number 1522) was among those who greeted Brigadier Michael Calvert and Captain Roy Wilson when they returned to Hong Kong in 1982, unfortunately, so far, I have been unable to get in touch with him. Can anyone tell me anything about local Hong Kong people in the R.A.S.C?

- Shamus O.D. Wade, 37 Davis Road, Acton, London, W3 7SE, England.