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St. Francis Xavier's College [1955- ]

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St. Francis Xavier's College, Sycamore Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Date of occupation permit issued - December 6, 1955; first series of classes began - December 9, 1955.

(one of several schools I attended and fondly remembered)

Photo taken in 1957.  Notice the wooden shops and houses on the right of the photo.  By 1960, a primary school building has been constructed and occupied at this site.  My classroom was on Maple Street and yes, us students could wave at each other from our classrooms.  The wooden houses on the distant left were also being gradually phased out to make Sycamore Playground.

The last remaining wooden buildings and wood shops were west of the school.   We walked through there for short cut to Boundary Street.  Across Willow Street outside the play ground, several street vendors sold snacks from their bicycles and carts, and my fellow classmates of the late 1950s and early 60s will remember the pickle-man and his tasty sweet and sour pickles.

When people asked, I replied that Bruce Lee had left when I arrived.  His mentor was Brother Edward who, according to one story, provided boxing gloves to two students who wanted to fight, and such was arranged under strict supervision.  Because of his large stature, Brother Edward's other duty was to stand guard at the school entrance making sure we wear our school tie.  Once you got to know him, you knew he was kind and spoke softly, and a dedicated teacher.  As for teaching me Catechism, that was Brother Peter the vice-principal.

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St Francis Xavier's College 1957
St Francis Xavier's College 1957, by OldTimer

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Hi Peter,

Apologies for not knowing the geography of this district well.  There seems to be an acute angle in the foreground in the photo, is that the junction of Tung Chau and Willow Streets, and the photographer is looking northwestwards?  It seems the shape of the buildings on Google map is totally different with what is in the photo, making it difficult to orient oneself.


Yes, that's the right location. If you look at the 1956 map it's easier to match the building's shape with the version in the photo.

Good morning folks, thanks breskvar for your feedback, and David your explanation.  I was living a few blocks away on Ki Lung Street  facing northeast.  This photo gives me a rare opportunity to see again the distant ridgeline that I saw from the balcony.  It reminds me of the two fighter jets flying on the north side of Beacon Hill.  I am convinced our eye sight is at its best when young.  Regards, Peter