Wicker Shops on Ki Lung Street next to Yen Chow Street 1954 [????-????]

Submitted by OldTimer on Fri, 03/31/2017 - 05:27
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Demolished / No longer exists

These wicker shops occupied the ground level flats on Ki Lung Street next to Yen Chow Street, same on Tai Nan Street, and on east side of Yen Chow Street.  Bus Route #2 terminal at the time was on NE corner of Lai Chi Kok Road and Yen Chow Street intersection.

Now, this might be the most thrilling and personal photo since joining the Gwulo community.  The photo source says it was taken in 1954 at whch time I was attending Tak Ching Primary at Un Chau St and Yen Chow St.  This was the exact path for me to walk between it and home at Ki Lung St and Boundary St.  The height and size of this boy, the book bag, and the memory that I once walked around a bundle of wicker like this one with its orientation on the street, this could be me.  Regards, Peter 


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