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Wader Studio / 華達製片廠 [1950-1970]

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Wader Studio was located on Castle Peak Road of the current Kwai Fong, Hong Kong.  The location marker is approximate*.  The source listed below show that the company produced films during the period 1950-1970.

*Edit - October 3, 2017 - as per philk's advice, I have moved the marker a bit north to the general vicinity of Block B and Block C of the current industrial centre by the road.  Thanks.


Photos that show this place



The Wader Film Studio (1953 – 1973) was founded by in 1953 by a Mr Hu Jinkang (胡晋康). The studio was located along Castle Peak Road in Kwai Chung – close to the Six Milestone just on the outskirts of Tsuen Wan. During its 20 years of operation it was responsible for over 1/5 of total Hong Kong film production

(Source: 50 years of the Film Production and Distribution Industries in Hong Kong)

Unfortunately, I am not sure of the exact location of the 6 milestone - does anyone have a more specific location?

I recommend we make separate Places for the different sites, but use a tag to group them together, eg film companies

The number six milestone was above Gin Drinkers bay, see "M.S 6" at https://gwulo.com/map-of-places#17/22.35241/114.13266/Map_by_ESRI-1952_A...

Thanks David, I wonder if it was where the Esso garage now stands? I seem to recall a petrol station being mentioned at some point but can't remember if I was imagining it :-/

Thanks David for the advice.  I will make separate places for these film companies.  This page will be for the company already commented.   Regards,  Peter

Page 12 of the book "World Film Locations: Hong Kong" has an entry for the 1957 film "Caught in the act", which gives the location as:

Wader Motion Picture & Development Co. Ltd,
Castle Peak Road 6.5m. Kwai Chung

Looking at the 1952 map again, the half-way point between the 6- and 7-mile milestones is roughly where "Ha Kwai Chung" is shown.

The article about Caught in the act says "Where Wader stood is now a park above public housing in Kwai Chung". (It also shows a few stills of the site, captured from the film.)

So putting those together I guess the site is today's "Central Kwai Chung Park": https://gwulo.com/node/37346?a=1#17/22.35763/114.13350/Map_by_ESRI-Marke...

Thanks David, for your research.  I have moved the marker towards Central Kwai Chung Park.  As the old photos show cars and a road, I guess it was more likely in the northern part of the park where buildings now exist by the road.  Regards, Peter

I popped up to the area the other day and noted that the park in question is built on a tiered hillside so I am not so sure the park is completely accurate. After going back and looking at my notes there is a comment in "50 years of the Film Production and Distribution Industries in Hong Kong" that mentions a factory standing on the location now (not a garage as I mentioned earlier) so I think Peter may have nailed it with the adjusted location.

Incidentally, on the bus back i noticed that Milestone 5 was still in-situ.

A few Chinese online sources state that Wah Tat Industrial Centre at 8 Wah Sing St. stands on the site of the former Wader Studios. The Chinese characters for Wader are the same as those of Wah Tat. By the way, what is the source of the name "Wader"? Thanks.

Wader = Wah Tat sounds like it.

Greetings, and thanks to all for your help and interesting discussion.  Wah Dart without pronouncing the letter "t" would be closer to the Chinese name in Cantonese dialect.  The front entrance and cars in the photo were more likely on Castle Peak Road and Wah Sing Street was, I believe, built later.  I have moved the marker to the spot backing onto 8 Wah Sing Street.  I tried to compare the distant hills in Google's tilted aerial (too high altitude) view and those in the photo, but could not draw a comfortable conclusion.  Again, thanks.  Regards,  Peter

yeah, this makes much more sense. I'll head back there during the week and take some pictures

Found on Flickr photos of an abandoned film studio in Kwun Tong/Yau Tong. Unfortunately, they cannot be downloaded. One can be seen here, more in this album.

Does anybody know about this one?

If you look at plates 6-11 and 6-12 in the mapping Hong Kong book, you can just make out the Wader sound stage with its short and long roof structure. The location is pretty much where Block B and C of the current Wah Tat Industrial centre stands today, so I think the marker needs to be moved slightly to the north.

Thanks philk, I have adjusted the marker as per your advice.  Regards,  Peter