Po Leung Kuk Chan Au Big Yan Home for the Elderly / Former Western Fire Station [1923- ]

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Notes from the AMO:

When it was opened in 1923 for use by the Sanitary Department, the building also housed a temporary fire sub-station manned by just 10 firefighters and one motor pump. It then became the Kennedy Town Fire Station and was renamed the Western Fire Station in 1937. It was converted into staff quarters for the Urban Services Department (USD) in 1950, while a primary school was run by the USD Staff General Association on the premises from 1951 to 1976. The building was taken over in 1986 by the Social Welfare Department, which converted it into a home for the elderly managed by the Po Leung Kuk. It is a very handsomely proportioned four-storey brick structure with a symmetrical façade and louvred windows.

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