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Red Berry Village [????- ]

Current condition: 

It was the known haunted house among Cheung Chau locals. Lot No: Cheung Chau Inland Lot 21.

According to the 1938 Map of European Houses in Cheung Chau, the lot was owned by Mr A H Mackenzie

Photos that show this place


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When we went past the block early this year, the building itself was still standing but mother nature had already reclaimed some of the rooms.  The site had been fenced off by iron wire.  The perimeter wall was sort of in decay.

I remember it wasn't fenced off a few years ago.  Uncertain if it had already been earmarked for redevelopment.


Yes, it is ready for redevelopment. For details, please see:

The decoration of this ruined house seemed new, with bathtub and toilet (despite a broken one) included: (in Chinese)

As the ruin has a Chinese name called "紅梅", I wonder if the lot has been transferred to a Chinese before it is ruined.

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We have also been to the other abandoned house mentioned in the redevelopment plan.  In fact, that house had also been fenced up when we were there.  It's just that we were unaware the two sites were to be linked up.  Ugh, that would mean clearing up a lot of trees.


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If 紅梅 is concerned I tend to believe 'Red Plum' or Red Plum Blossom' should be a bit more appropriate as the name could mean the fruit or the flower.